Nina Fabunmi

Nina Fabunmi
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I am an Artist , Poet and Writer. I believe in love, poetry is a part of me, the words play in my head and wouldn't let me rest till they are released.....
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Love Poem about two people in love living a distance away. They are always together because they always think of each other and this time under the Moon over Malibu.
This poem is an expression of my new inspiration, "Anytime I think about your presence in my life feel like a new chick chirping away"
Can I really say what I feel without hurting feelings? I need to speak my mind
Even in his absence , I still feel his presence...... His essence
This poem expresses the trials of love and relates them to that of a Fairytale princess
The past hurts but it's in the past. Time to move on, less we be consumed by it
When he says not what he says and he does what he does not....... He speaks but what I hear is not what he says..... Then.. What then.
This is me trying to find direction in my life, less I brood over my wasted years
This poem expresses the emotions of the aged by capturing their thoughts and feelings
What evil thoughts one can have towards a bad neighbor. This poem was inspired by true events
Perfection is an illusion that only exists in the minds of those who seek it. This is my illusion of my Mr Perfect
In love there can never be wrong, for that which is wrong is that which is strong, this poem serves to inspire love
This poem justifies love and admits that this is one crime that can never be wrong
This poem celebrates the joy of motherhood and was inspired by true events
This poem celebrates love in a new family, defining love by little things that we may take for granted
Love is nothing but sacrifice...... The things we bear and all that we have to fight for just to be with the one we love
This poem explores a feeling of entrapment, deprivation from love, depression, but with the hope of a rescue. This poem was inspired by true events
For that which we desire, those things so precious and beautiful, what price shall we have to pay
This is a poem that inspires us to pick ourselves up after a fall
This poem delves into the minds of two people going through lustful temptation
Where love leaves one without..... A feeling of exposure and shame, stripped of dignity, in search of healing
This poem describes a depressive state caused by love
When love makes us restless, we need to ask ourselves the question, "to be or not to be"
In this poem , love struggles, giving reasons why or why not two lovers can or cannot be together but yet they can
Where all may seem lost, the forces of nature and our very existence come into play, bringing us salvation from the shattered, giving us the strength to go on
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