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a nigerian with a poise for uncommon achievements
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everyone will die someday. somebody will live earth somehow..this work just tells a little of the pain in death.
its a tale of an impoverished poor man and his strive to surpass his challenge.
it tells of the pains of a divided family and the challenge of uniting.
this page is all about my longing for my better half. its a mystery how its going to happen but it sure does.
the first poetic work tells a story of my pain over the many injustices perpetrated by the colossal government of some years back in Nigeria. the second is a marvel over the wonder creative work of God. a miracle.
i've been to lands and this two lands i love so much. this poetic work are my feeling of the places i've been to.
jjjjjjjjjuuuuusssttttttt aaaaaaabbbbbbbboouuuuuuttt mmmmmmmeeee
this are lyrics about the persons i envy. the boss and the public speaker are two characters that cause a marvel. their character though different but side by side have something to share.
this are lyrics straight from my heart. they show my yearnings an desire for what my nation should be like and the state of my personality.
the issues of life are stories only a poet can vividly tell. this literary work could blow your mind into a new sensational, thought provoking duel against time's injustice.
this are lyrics telling the stories of a battle. this battle are fought between man and his struggles for survival, on against esteemed standards.
its all about the hard battle of persecutions and the desire to overcome. the prize won and a future reward
this page is about the struggle to be. every one strives to reach the top and this top is meant for a special few. an uncommon you.
nice poems that will make you want to laugh always and every time.
renewable energy and environmental protection are two important topics of discuss in this time. in meeting with the energy needs it is necessary for scientist to consider the environment impact of their inventions.
this is meant to showcase some of the finest poetry works
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