Clara Lauren

Clara Lauren
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Hi, my real name is Vicki but my writting name is Clara Lauren in memory of my beloved Nanny.

I have only just joined Wikinut, but i have been writing songs and poetry since I was 14 years old, thus two decades!

I have never tried to publish my work before but I am quite excited about what the future could hold. I have been fortunate enough to write poetry for close friends on special days including three wedding poems and two naming days. I was also asked by my family to write a poem at my nan's cremation ceramony which was the hardest and yet most rewarding. I also wrote for my beautiful dog Senna who I lost sadly last year.

I intend through this site to explore as many forms of writing as possible but for now I am focusing on my poetry.

I am a very happy spirtual soul but who like many has seen very dark times and I find writing poetry brings a calming and theraputic release.

I also wish to write about my expirences with many illnesses that I have and still continue to suffer from, not for any form of sympathy but simply to be able to help someone else in that postion which will make my suffering meaningful and worthwhile.

When I am not writing I am in the business world as a Quantity Surveying Consultant and a Property Developer which I enjoy immensly.
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