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A Bohemian writer who loves travelling, ethnic cuisine, and reading.
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White chocolate looks and tastes more like a milk bar than a chocolate bar.
Used to be revered by the Indians in Latin America, papaya has many good properties. No doubt, this revered tropical fruit was called "the fruit of the angels" by Christopher Columbus. As the name, papaya has many health benefits, which includes boosting immune system and skin rehydr...
Avocado has suffered from bad reputation, blamed for high fat content and causing increase of cholesterol level. However, how far this accusation from the truth?
Often blamed for high sugar and fat, chocolate is often shunned by the health conscious. However, dark chocolate does not share the blame of milk and white chocolate.
"Your children come from you but they are not yours." Kahlil Gibran
Unusual and interesting manners during casual meals in Indonesia.
Nowadays, we have one common challenge;how to prevent money from slipping away. These are a few tips on how to keep money.
Writer's block is something common to writers. This could be annoying because it waste our time. This article is about when I got writer's block and how I deal with it.
A lot of people do crash diet to get their ideal body weight. They get what they want. But soon, they start gaining weight and this time it is difficult to lose it. One important fact they need to know: Increasing body metabolism is the core of a successful diet plan.
Ten years has passed since the horrifyng event of 9/11. We have lost many, and we gain no less.
Five habits to help you have more energy;early meditation, drinking on empty stomach, exercising, morning shower, and having breakfast.
Known as home remedies for century, grape seed oil starts gaining popularity as a potentially strong anti oxidant capable for treating various maladies.
Nine types of vegetables that fights cancer; avocado, cabbage, celery and celery seeds, garlic, kale, legumes, lemons,seaweed, and watercress.
Taking action is the most important thing in life. Without action, vision rot and forgotten and dreams remain dreams. On a point of my life, I decided to abandon fear and make dreams real.
Asian dramas or soaps has ejoying a phenomenon success. It boosts high rating show and the show is waited by many. While selling the idea of "the triumph of good against evil", soaps carries a more sublimial message.
Maru's video has been watched by million of people around the world. Despite being entertaining, Maru teaches us some lessons.This writing is about positive thought to approach live.
Few tips to deal with office bullies without losing your cool, heal your self-esteem, boost your confident, and develop mental immunity against bullies. These tips are for those who waiting for new job offer.
What happen if Maru, a Cat with strong affinity to boxes, found a big box with dividers?
One reason to stay away from the giant restaurant franchise.
More than a fluffy pet, Maru the Cat has captured the world. Maru is unpredictably funny and somewhat witty cat. Watching his video after a harsh day at the office elevates one's spirit.
Five major reasons that force me to dust my resume and look at the classified.
It is sweet-sour fruit loaded with virues, including source of organic pesticide to cure of many type of cancers.
Brightly colorful and prominent in size are two of Cattleya orchid. Its shape is sensuous and its smell is richly fragrant and distinct. Cattleya is surely an attention grabber. It is a type of orchid that many wants to own and be proud of.
One that tourists need to experience when they visiting Sydney, NSW, is enjoying a Sunday brunch at any cafe. While some may perceive these cafe patron as those who are too lazy to prepare breakfast-lunch for themselves, the truth is far from the assumption. These cafe patrons are oft...
It is sad to know how widespread is office bullying. Almost every employee has experienced it at certain point of their career path. Tackling office bullying remains challenging in some organizations. Two most prominent challenges are targets are unaware of what happening to them and ...
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