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I've had three books published as well as countless articles and poetry. I got the best writer award from Ezine Articles. I tend to focus on spirituality and metaphysical matters
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This poem addresses the wonderfully magical concept of a child's toys coming to life once he or she goes to sleep at night;
This poem is based on my own true experience with a stream of bad luck followed by a miraculous visit from an angel.
Focusing on our blessings instead of our problems on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day will bring the warmth, gratitude and heartfelt love that this special day is meant to bring.
This poem describes some of the magic that takes place every day in all of our lives.
If you've ever felt life is getting too overwhelming, this is a night time visualization that can work wonders in putting you in the calm and peaceful space you so desperately want and need.
As human beings, we're so focused on our own problems that we sometimes forget to take notice of the massive problems others are having. This little poem is to draw people's attention to the fact that no matter how bad their problems may seem, when compared to the problems of others,...
Do fairies exist in real life or are they just the topic of nursery rhymes? No one knows for sure but this little poem definitely probes the possibilities as well as the imagination.
With the enormous amounts of stress today's society has to shoulder this article unveils a little bit of real magic and explains how to effect positive changes
This poem opens up the possibilities of life after death and how we might, if we still our minds, see signs that clearly prove our deceased loved ones are still with us, although in different form.
Is Voodoo real or just a bunch of hype that Hollywood uses to draw in box office dollars? Based on my experiences with New Orleans Voodoo, I can assure you it is real.
Today's news seems to have an abundance of negatives news and a severe lack of positive news.
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