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As a retired English teacher, I have much to say on topics from education to psychology to societal influences.
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Compared to when I was a kid, society challenges us in ways we never could have imagined. With the current trends, what is to become of us?
From song titles to the silver screen to society, The Man has held sway over his minions for as long as we care to remember. Here lays a quick remembrance. And the groupings? - Made sense to me.
I have absolutely no regrets for the amount of ink I have had infused into my skin; my regret lies in trusting someone else's vision of what I should wear.
After a year of creating articles, I look back on their conception and subsequent place in the world. Like so many lost and forgotten and ill-begot pieces of me, they languish in the cloud of sanguine resignation.
This short piece looks at coinciding events of the past and how they color the present, no matter how we try to move forward.
This piece may offend some and outright anger others. If it bothers you, perhaps you need it the most. Police brutality is at the fore of our newscasts and everyone has an opinion or solution. This one simply comes from my perspective.
A cynical yet honest and realistic look at traditional Independence Day waste.
How far is the public willing to allow commercials to go in order to make sales? Toyota is airing a campaign in the US that has certainly caught my attention.
Contradictions and hypocrisy run rampant in our world - and in my mind. Releasing these few is just the tip of the iceberg, but every little bit helps. What may at first appear to be meaningless crap, may just prove interesting with deeper consideration.
Signs, signs, and more signs than any of us need, but then again, if we see a sign, it must be there for someone's benefit.
with no one obeying basic traffic signs, what is the point of producing them and not enforcing them?
Three simple letters coming together to create some of the most used phrases in today's English language, rearranged to create a greater overall abstract context.
A shift from traditional holiday behavior for the better of all.
Watching a movie sparks a remembrance sparks deep thoughts spark personal growth.
Observational thoughts on purpose, natural inspiration, and overall complacency.
A brief attempt at a style referred to as 'stream of consciousness,' aided by a manic attack.
Looking back over a former employment position and seeing it now with sad eyes.
A brief expression of the confusion that can come with the end of a relationship.
a recent encounter with a former student proves what I felt all along, in spite of what all the experts had to say.
A recounting of a traffic event that could have been devastating. thankfully, I am still here.
A personal review of the attributes and possible surprising enlightenment that a reading of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein can provide.
A reflection on the bullying problem associated with schools, but a problem that exists everywhere, and always will.
Something as basic and simple as offering a bit of sincere 'light' to another is also so easily overlooked.
Exploring the bond between mother and son, as all men should do while they still can.
Kiefer appears in several tequila ads in the U. S. The irony of this choice is laughable because of his past problems related to alcohol.
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