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Independent researcher based in South East London.
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A woman who is raped by a man is called a victim, and so, apparently, is a woman who murders one.
The blogger who exposed the lies about Jimmy Savile died a year ago this month.
“There is no wickedness like the wickedness of a woman.” - Samuel Richardson, 1748.
As usual, the annual Mind Sports Olympiad will begin in London late August.
In the UK, rape victims are being hounded by the police while their tormentors are being let off. At least that is what “BuzzFeed” and Lisa Avalos would have you believe.
Clearly that depends on the circumstances, and, it would appear, on the perceived political affiliations of the woman concerned.
Fela Kuti, the founder of Afro-Beat, suffered extreme persecution by the Nigerian state. In Europe, our increasingly repressive masters are targeting a new generation of songwriters and performers for even more sinister reasons.
Next month is the twenty-second anniversary of the notorious Chillenden murders.
The recent arrest of the well-known firebrand Tommy Robinson and the summary justice meted out to him has caused outrage on both sides of the Atlantic.
First the Russians were accused of electing Donald Trump. Now they are accused of spending their “dirty money” in London.
The conspiracy against Donald Trump has now been laid bare for all to see.
The multibillionaire Donald Trump has been accused of taking care of the rich. On Friday, he held a summit designed to assist those at the bottom of society.
There have been two amazing developments in the absurd witch-hunt of Donald Trump.
The people who portray Donald Trump as mad appear to have lost their minds.
Even if you haven’t heard of the woozle effect, you have certainly heard examples of it.
If you came to this page hoping to ogle pictures of naked women, you will be disappointed, but if you stick around, you might learn something.
Tara Lynch is no spring chicken, but the vocalist turned guitarist has just launched her debut album.
Soap operas may be made for your entertainment, but increasingly they are being used to indoctrinate the public.
What do Donald Trump and feminist airheads have in common? More than you’d think.
As the Trump-Russia probe disintegrates, allegations against the Putin Government have begun taking a sinister tone
As entitled women protested their “oppression” in Central London, men of humble stock ensured their event and their lives ran smoothly.
The Internet is replete with horrific tales by victims of human trafficking. Thankfully, most of them are not credible.
What is the best way to invest money? Forget about the so-called experts and manage your own portfolio.
Google is one of the largest, most valuable, and most beneficial companies in the world, but it could still self-destruct.
Top Democratic politicians are still claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent, but is this all a smokescreen?
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