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Independent researcher based in South East London.
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Top Democratic politicians are still claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent, but is this all a smokescreen?
Twenty-five years ago, two ten year old boys committed one of the most shocking murders in English criminal history.
Russia is no longer a threat to the United States; the real enemy is the enemy within.
The international Rape Crisis network presents itself to the world as a sort of one-stop shop for victims of sexual violence. In reality it does far more harm than good, if it does any good at all.
If you ask Peter Schiff, he’ll tell you it comes out of savings, but that is only part of the answer.
Most people would agree that every sinner deserves a second chance. But how about a third chance, or a twentieth?
Why would an innocent man plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, or even to an imaginary crime?
American blacks have long claimed they are treated worse than whites by the police. They are not. That’s the good news. It’s also the bad news.
In 1982, the BBC screened a controversial documentary about an allegation of rape.
A recent documentary screened by Channel 5 in the UK reinforces rape myths while appearing to debunk them.
Traditionally, the prostitute is looked on as a fallen woman. There are other views though.
Hillary Clinton has portrayed Vladimir Putin as the Devil Incarnate. This hysteria has now crossed the Atlantic.
That question was asked recently of the accusers of Donald Trump. The short answer is yes.
Deke Leonard served a life sentence in the music business.
Did the alt-right and the Ku Klux Klan really bring death and destruction to Charlottesville? Gary Younge seems to think so, but then what does he know?
Earlier this year, the world of music was looking forward to celebrating the 91st birthday of Chuck Berry last month.
The Trump/Russia collusion narrative is dead, but the Democrats are still making out Vladimir Putin to be the bad guy.
Shami Chakrabarti is holding a meeting to whine about gender injustice. Her audience will doubtless consist of many privileged women like herself.
Dozens of women have now accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or worse. Many claim they were unable to resist him. They should have tried harder.
The people who started a campaign to impeach Donald Trump have ended up impeaching themselves.
The recent and ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal has led to an outpouring of allegations against other celebrities.
The Harvey Weinstein scandal has caused outrage on both sides of the Atlantic, but not everyone is impressed with his accusers.
Adolf Hitler may well be the most reviled man in history, but he gave us one gem for which we should all be grateful.
Should women be punished for their bad acts? A surprising number of people appear to think not.
A bandwagon is something many people jump on. Best think twice before you do.
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