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I love to write, its my life. I write about a lot of things. Fiction wise however its mainly Horror and Erotica.
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Why Twitter can be a writers best friend and really draw in views.
These are the places I get most of my ideas from when it comes to writing.
Be Smart when It Comes To Protecting Your Children Online.
The so-called reality shows are far from reality. Having a baby at a young is not easy.
Part 2 of breaking the chain. Will their friendship pass the ultimate test?
How far can love and friendship be put to the test?
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This is an extremely dangerous form of tattooing and should not be taken lightly.
This is just my opinion, they are not the actual top 5 sites.
Try these tips and tricks to turn the heat up in the bedroom.
I'm glad most people in the world does not think like she does.
This is an issue that affects a lot of people. I want to understand why.
This will shock and disturb you. Its certainly something i find hard to believe.
There are not get rich quick schemes but they will make you money, and if you work hard lots of it.
Warning! You must be over the age of 18 to read this.
Here is your guide to some of the best sex toys out there.
The Once Sweet Little Boy Seems To Be Going From Bad To Worse
Some people just can't bring themselves to throw stuff away.
She is a very nasty person who needs to change her attitude.
Never be stuck for a father's day gift idea again, here is something for everyone.
You may have made these mistakes in an interview before without even noticing, and you were left wondering why you didn’t get the job. Below could be the reason why.
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