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I am a mother, a grandmother. I write about life experiences and spirituality.
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To help provide support to people experiencing menieres disease.( vertigo). and how to reduce its destructive impact on their lives by having other people who suffer this disease talk about it. Many people who suffer from this disease feel alone and isolated. They feel that no one...
This is a message from a peace ship from outer worlds..
I ask all peoples of the Earth to wake up and to see and hear what is happening to our planet...and to make the change before it is too late..
The Arcturians are of a higher frequency than we are on earth at the moment..
This is the message they gave to explain our origins...
I wrote this poem to help my nephew get through a painful breakup of his first love..
one day I was looking at houses..and come across a house that was falling to pieces..and wondered what history it held within its walls..and it inspired me to write a poem/ story about it..
I was inspired to write this poem from looking at a picture of a lonely woman by the sea..
I love mountains..and dream about what it would be like to be able to climb one...
Even though we are not here anymore. Our life has left footprints on this Earth and forever in peoples hearts..
I saw this tree in the distance while I was travelling and it inspired me to write this poem..
When the one you love cannot accept you are changing and growing older.
On the journey of life I found many adventures, over the course of time I have seen and lived many lives. These dwell in my feelings, and emotions are what I will leave behind.
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