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Im just a random nomad writer. I can write an 700-word article in 15 minutes! Hopefully I can settle around in Wikinut, where I write articles that include anime, gaming, social stuff, etc etc.
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This article is about why women are usually not allowed in the military. I am not a sexist person, so please don't take any of these facts into offense.
This article will be all about if the Carbonera effect and if it is really real or fake. But today, I believe its actually fake.
This article is about the reasons why most people are starting to quit working on quality and are working on making more money.
This article will talk about the monsters that we actually believed in at childhood. Or maybe just up to this day.
This article is about the reasons why some people do evil things. The article uses video games as a template.
This article will be about the wonders of money, and the things that it has done.
This article is all about procrastination. This is also for people that have a hard time trying to find the best time to do their work.
Article about the main flaws of the country America.
This article is mainly about what nerds are thought of. But yet, while this article is written by the perspective of a nerd, it actually shows what stereotypes are false, and I may mention some that are actually true.
This article is about the release of gay marriage being allowed from yesterday.
This article is about spoiled children, and the reasons/types of them that exist. I would have placed this in parenting guides, but I am a bit too afraid of putting it there, messing up a child's future.
This article will be about solar flares, technology, and why we should be worried about solar flares. Also, there was an idea I suggested that could save the majority of the population.
This article will be about social media, and how much involvement it is in our lives. Also the reason why people more than likely use it.
(Sorry about no posts yesterday, Internet went out.) This article is all about the click bait, why people use them, and you might be stunned on what you learn from this article.
This is just a story about a man whom finds a certain device, and uses it incorrectly. This is one of my newbie stories that I have written. The first short story I written right after
This article will explain my inactivity, however, this story is all about a guy on a website, where I had been amazed by, and felt sorry for. The thing was, I did want to hang out with this guy, and I am actually glad he stopped me from doing what I was doing.
This article is all about how video games are way better than books. For the little ones reading this article, this is great for the ones that are told that books are way better than video games.
This article is about when people end up hurting others, hurting the ones they hate, love, or maybe people they don't know! It lists 3 reasons a person may hurt someone else.
This article is all about how treating black people due to the common stereotypes isn't a good idea. I actually find it rude for people to judge people just by the color of their skin, and I thought MLK actually cleansed this problem!
This article is all about aliens, if they are real, and proof of them being real.
This article are the three reasons on what certain people find "cool". And a bit of discussion on it.
This will all be about how terrible sugar is, and all its good stuff.
This article will be about how terrible CN is for kids, and why they should avoid it.
Article about swearing, and the wonders of it. (Take note this may be the start of writing articles with only one section.
This article will be about why people don't always believe in Christianity. (TAKE NOTE THAT I AM CHRISTIAN)
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