the fool

the fool
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This fool writes mostly foolishly, but enjoys being such a fool.
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This poem tries to show that our own purpose can only ever exist as a part of the greater purpose of God. When we try to have a purpose at odds with God's overall purpose, we will not find fulfilment, and happiness, nor satisfaction in our lives. In short, we will not be being our re...
Many of us go through our lives learning much from others, and following other's paths. This article tries to show the reader, that they must always blaze, and fashion their own path through their own life, that is, if they are to make it through being true to themselves.
This is a short poem that tries to explain why we do not feel God's presence, and his love in our live's anymore. Is it because when we ask too many questions of God, they seem to only push him away from us further with his answers? If we stop questioning all together, often God wi...
Our nightly dreams can be at times driven by our emotions. If we go to bed angry, we might have a dream that also portrays us exhibiting this emotion within it, that night, for example. This article talks about how our dreams and our emotions are linked and connected.
This writer has been very foolish at times during his long life. Did he learn anything from his foolishness though? Did he grow wiser from his mistakes? He became wise in some ways, but his basic underlying foolishness remains. He has never been able to lift himself far from this ...
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