Ronald Franklin

Ronald Franklin
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A dreamer who wants to read the most beautiful imagination sprouting in every ones life
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A child is a precious pearl which should be adored but they are abused, cursed and ill-treated. This poem is all about the sentiment of a child and the treatment of a well literate society.
We are all made the same we by mother nature yet are divided in I, You,They,Them. I imagine a world on earth where we could be just "We".
A lover who is filled with happiness and wants to do all impossible deeds of the world for his beloved to be happy.
These r some inspirational thoughts about love,life, humanity etc
Our life is like a gamble, and we are the gamblers, who want to continue on a limitless table, with the experience of life and the failures thus conquered.
Life of a flower which is for days or hours, but embodies the biggest gift of life and beauty. The Poem is a message given by a flower to humanity.
The most precious space of beloved in life , where even the most big burden looks like a pebble only because of the presence of some one you love
Read about the journey of every individual who wishes but never gets, but still life goes on and on
Childhood memories, the most sweetest thing which would never vanish from from dreams. Ironically we want to be grown up when a child but want to be a child when we have already grown ups
Read the actual definition of love which we never thought of ever
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