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C.A. Lofton is a proponent of Positive Thinking. Her creative works: lyrics, short stories and poetry. B.A. in English and certificates in counseling and publishing. Website: www.calofton.com
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A Chronological Analysis of IL. Lottery Game Missteps
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This page is an overview of 3 popular sources of online income.
Profiles of Illinois' Illegal and Legal Lottery Games
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Demonstrates the Curative Powers of Positive Thinking
Hiding in Plain Sight: America's Alternative Healthcare Practices
A Personal Reflection Upon Thanksgiving Day Holiday
Acclaims OAP's Commonsense Approach to Longevity for Congressional Members and their Constituents.
An Overview of Secular and Sacred Observances associated with Halloween
How American Cuisine Is Being Re-purposed to Meet Senior's Diet &Nutrition
Enriching your Golden Years: Notable Savvy Seniors Traits
Song: An unique partner in the reflection, presevation and celebration of our experiences.
An Overview of the Influence of Scent upon Human Sexual Behavior.
This page gives an overview of four (4) essential components needed to create enduring prosperity.
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