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An engineer. (Software Engineer). I like Following and writing about new technologies and Human being
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Bringing a cat home, that sounds not easy when thinking about it. You don't need to change a lot of things. Remember that, Cats are easy going pets!!!
This is a delicious food that comes from Tunisia. Usually it is prepared during the islamic celebration "Eid Al Idh'ha" since it could be prepared with offals of sheep or beef.
Just discovered a trick on Gmail and wanted to share it on WikiNut
Some people think that making a presentation is a simple and easy thing to do. In fact, It is not totally wrong. But in most cases it is if certain rules are not respected.
* A little introduction * Presentation of the 10 bloggers * A little conclusion
What is a Wiki? I’ll just use the definition of the most famous wiki of the planet, "Wikipedia". A wiki is a website whose pages are editable by all or part of site visitors.
In January of each year, a competition called Tough Guy Competition. So what is it about?
This may look strange. One of the reasons of French Revolution is a volcano.
One of most known "Vampires" is Dracula (The Vampires ' Father). So what is the story behind. Was he real? or just a fictional character?
This is about some studies showing that the lack of sleep has a beneficial effect on depression.
This is a song I wrote 4 years ago (for the unknown)
More and more enterprises and organizations (local and international one) are migrating to open source (software or/and operating systems). This is a brief study case about the french national gendarmerie.
This is all about your life, and especially your health. With two words, "don't continue".
I was prompted to write something on this issue when someone argued me about the historicity of [b]Ka'bah[/b] and [b]Makkah[/b]. This led me to get back on my favourite past-time of browsing through the references. One of the brothers in Cambridge, UK, supplied me with some of the inf...
I've just discovered the JCI, and all that I can say is: I missed a lot of time in my life doing nothing.
Many questions are asked about the necessity and the methods of upgrading SharePoint Server from MOSS 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. In this publication, I will try to explain some methods to do it.
The latter site Popular Internet unleashes passions. The recettte: a webcam and a global network on which to surf at random.
Narcolepsy is a disease that affect a good number of the world population. Known genrally by uncontrollable daily episodes of sleep, we will discuss the symptome and the causes.
In this tutorial, we will implement a TextTo Speech progam, to be run on Android.
To present the progress of loading in most of the applications, we often use progress bars.
Lists are used in almost every application, we'll see in this article how to write a class to present a list of strings on the screen.
What is Android? : A brief introduction of the Android OS The HowTo : Explains How to setup an environment to begin developping on Android
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