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Judy Ellen
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I love writing poetry, songs articles on Christianity, health, anything pertaining to families! I love writing reviews on my favorite TV programs such as Discovery, Animal planet and Dr. Phil.
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Here is a short recap of my personal experience with this social media/blogging site and the difference between actual article writing and blogging.
In this short article I write about how I was a prisoner to other people’s wants and needs. I am finally free but it took years for me to learn to break away and to be all that I was created to be after years of abuse and people pleasing.
This is my personal success story of my husband's and my weight loss while eating healthy and learning to eat less. I also write about our struggles with food addiction and the slower weight loss due to our age.
This poem describes how I feel about my youngest son and daughter moving so far away to Arizona! It brings me back to the pain of when my son and daughter were kidnapped by their abusive dad. I must step away from the past and look into my heart and soul for the new adventurous me!
Read about my experience with melanoma skin cancer and how everything seemed to go wrong on the day of the excision/surgery.
The person I missed the most in this life was me because I lost myself in others wants and needs all my life! I just hope that I can help a young person NOT do what I did.
The school shooting at East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa Arizona took place only 30 minutes from where my children live. Read on for more details!
My personal story of Melanoma skin cancer that looked and behaved like Basel Cell Carcinoma
In this article I go into detail about my first MRI experience that was needed to diagnose and manage the pain in my right shoulder.
How is this possible? Read on and you will discover who this mysterious geriatric jumper is!
The Publisher's Clearing House Scratch off ticket led me to believe that I won $25.000. I was already dreaming of a new car! Please read if you want details, pictures and facts!
The popularity of the block buster movie “50 shades of Grey” and the book is a dangerous rude awakening of the desperate need for truth, love and acceptance in our Godless society! If you want to know the greatest love story ever told, then read on!
I wrote this song about when we get older and it seems like we are always saying goodbye to loved ones, friends and even pets! There is one person who we will never leave us and we never have to say goodbye to Him. Listen to find out.
This is my personal account of some of the home improvement and farm projects I did that resulted in injuries to my back, ribs and upper arm.
My personal story and struggles with co-payments and deductibles due to America's broken Health care system before and after Obamacare!
Are government entitlements really that easy to come by here in America? This is my own inside story of what I have observed and/or experienced regarding two so called entitlements!
Why I went from writing for Bubblews to writing for Wikinut once again.
Would the terrorist have attacked the Paris Newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" if this publication would have been more sensitive and respectful of the religious beliefs of the Islamic nation? Or was Charlie Hebdo just being used by the Terrorist as a smoke screen?
This article is based on my opinion and observation during the year and a half I spent writing for Bubblews along with the interaction I had with other Bubblews bloggers.
Tips on how to move on after a death or significant change in ones life making them feel unwanted.
Two most heart breaking experiences in my entire life.
My good and bad experience with Bubblews. They broke my heart when I was at my lowest point in life!
When your beautiful/handsome son who is the apple of your eye chooses the wrong woman who cheats on him, controls his every move and then dumps him, it is a heartbreak like no other for both parents, especially the mother!
When I first arrived in my old homestead in Warren Ohio after moving from the country I was excited and happy to get this old house back in shape again. Yet, I felt an underlying heartache knowing what I left behind.
My heart has been mourning over the loss of my country home until my two oldest sons came to the rescue! It is with tears of joy that I write this!
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