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My pen name is Aaradhya. I love reading a lot and writing something out of my own experience. Not here for money but to gain the wisdom of the great writers over here.
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All of the graduates and Postgraduates expect their dream jobs to land on their hands as and when they dream...Is it really possible?
Happiness Lies within yourself and please don't search it anywhere outside.
A Letter to my mum...........after a very long period of eleven years.....!!!!!!
Mind is all......It is the hell of heaven and heaven of hell....so lets listen and head our ears to it everyday to it for sometime before doing things....Then see the difference..:)
Oh My God......You are both the problem and the solution......!!
Difference between fantasy and reality....! fantasies always drives me crazy.....:)
Happiness doesn't exist outside ..it's within us...let us not waste our precious life in this cat and rat mad worldly race....Be happy !!!!!
Instead of blaming others, why we shouldn't try out something first???
hi Friends, Nice to meet u all here...I would like to share some of my personal experiences with you all.....Always people say,there is a lesson from each experience...but i really do wonder whether i have got to know, what exactly the lesson is in many of the cases so far.....
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