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Discusses the production of biofuel in Brazil using sugarcane.
Discusses the writing of Jayne Krentz and suggests others who write in the same style.
Discusses the invention of liquid paper and its inventor Bette Nesmith Graham.
Discusses the effect of the sun on scars and the differences.
Discusses postpartum depression, its causes and its cures
Discusses the writer Elizabeth Berg and suggests writers who write in a similar style
Discusses the International Space Station research program.
Discusses the construction of Great Pyramid of Giza and several others.
Discusses Joseph Addison 1672/1719 middle ages writer
Discusses the middle ages writer and poet John Milton 1608/1674
A short biography of Richard Lovelace 1618/1658, a middle ages writer and poet.
Discusses George Herbert and his writing during the middle ages,
This is a short biography of John Dryden, a medieval poet.
Discusses the first woman explorer to cross Africa
Discusses how levels work and the classes of them.
Discusses the beginning of law, judgement and punishment
Discusses the development of plants, how they produce food and grow.
Discusses Karon Robards writing style and suggests other authors who write in a similar style.
Discusses this habit and suggests another way to arrange your meals.
Discusses Clive Cussler's writing style and who suggests other writers write in a similar style.
Discusses the myth that you can get a cold from being cold and offers some ways to help.
Discusses how the days of the week were named and how the calendar changed.
Fans of Debbie Macomber's Contemporary Romances and novels of women's lives prize her inspirational stories, domestic settings, and sympathetic heroines.
Discuss George R R Martin's style of writing and suggest several authors who write in a similar manner for fans to read.
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