Uranta Emmanuel

Uranta Emmanuel
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Uranta Emmanuel is a social worker, a counselor, and presently works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja, Nigeria.
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This poem tries to depict the journey of man, his travails on the planet earth and the journey back to the source of all, from whence he emanated.
Most of us follow a diet that lacks certain vital nutrients which are required by body to function optimally; including recuperative processes. Sometimes, we spend great deal of money on meals that in long run lacks the necessary ingredients in balanced proportion for the body to func...
Man by nature is a social animal. He instinctively seeks to bond with others especially people with same or identical interest, aspiration and the same world view or ideology.
From the part of the world I come from, a male child is highly sought after. A family can not truly be said to be fulfilled without having at least 'man' in the house.
Enduring peace on earth has eluded mankind from inception. This article takes a look at what is actually peace and those factors militating against it, including of course the panacea for real peace.
Reincarnation has been a subject hotly debated between those who are for or against. However, from whatever angle one looks at reincarnation, there is one basic fact, our beliefs not withstanding, nothing negates its existence or otherwise.
The rate of divorce in our society is becoming quite alarming and very unfortunate. This portends danger signal to the institution of marriage.
The Niger Delta Crises is simply the fall out of years of insensitivity and neglect on the part of successive Nigerian authorities. It is a classic case of what a pent up anger, frustration, poverty and deprivation can unleash in the course of time.
In most cases, we seldom appreciate health until when we temporary lose it to sickness. Then, do we realize that the greatest thing apart from life itself is good health and without it nothing else matters.
We are unwittingly and gradually destroying our environment that supports our very existence here on earth, and unless we stop the rhetoric, and start addressing the basic problems caused by man himself, then we may not have a future to hope for.
Nature follows her own laws calmly and irresistibly. The laws are impersonal and some times seems unforgiving.
This is a chronicle of an experience that fundamentally changed my life. I have since then, come to see things differently and my perception of life and existence with a deeper understanding.
Education should be more than just imparting knowledge to man. The aspect that has to be taken seriously dwells on the need to awaken the intuitive and creative powers in man to give him the advantage of naturally expressing himself rather than becoming an imitator.
Good and evil are two opposing principles in nature normally categorized into positive and negative, or light and darkness. While we associate the good force with light, the source of love with light,we can not name the source of evil forces through out the universe because, evil has ...
Death is not a finality, but a transition from one plane of consciousness to another. And we all have to undertake this journey one day, when we will drop this mortal flesh, the jacket of the soul and continue the journey of life. Coming to terms with this fact would help minimize the...
Life is a struggle from cradle, a battle. To conquer is to persevere, never giving up to all the challenges life throws on our part, for the strong character required to withstand the heat can only be forge through experience of trials and suffering.
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