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I like writing an article online. It is one of my hobby.
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Nobody can control the rising and falling of a tide on the sea. In the same way, nobody has control over time. Time has its own course. It comes and goes. We have to utilize it wisely.
The proverb means that a great work cannot be done in a short time. Every great work requires hard labor and continued efforts.
This poem superbly projects the wealth as the getaway to wonderful and strange world far better then this physical world.
Caricature is a comic form of art which is popular across the world. The primary objective of caricature is to provide entertainment to the audience. Besides that in the caricature there is a special place for social and political criticisms in which political leaders celebrities and ...
Intelligence test are taken to find out the knowledge of a person. It is the knowledge that helps people to control the world. It encourages people to know something interesting that they are unknown about.
The human body requires exercise. Exercise keeps body fit and healthy. Body becomes weak and unhealthy without exercise. Some people do manual labour, such as soldiers, peasants and labourers. Physical exercise is not necessary for them.
Unemployment is the main cause by which people are engaging themselves in quality less jobs. Stop doing such jobs and start writing an article by sitting in home and get paid in dollars.
The world has changed and the people living here also have changed. It is all because of computer and Internet.
Nepal is one of the beautiful country of the world. Though it is a developing country and financially poor country it is rich in natural sources and cities in here are beautiful to. Among all the cities of the Nepal Lalitpur is one of the beautiful city.
The world is changing and the people living in here are also changing. It is happening because of the development of science and technologies. People are changing and their life style is also changing. All people wants to be a fashionable and cool.
Simply the word"Business" means state of being busy, but in fact only being busy is not a business. The continuously doing socially and legally accepted human economic activities which are related to production, distribution and exchange (buying, selling) of goods and services are kn...
Science has brought many changes in the world. There was no means of communication before. Human beings used to communicate with each other with the help letters.
Health is an important factor of human being. If one is healthy he cant perform his job or work properly. The health of the people becomes worse specially when he became lazy. Only a active man could remain healthy.
Population in world is increasing day by day. People desires and wants are increasing in large amount. People have started to use any kind of food found any where, by which many of them are falling sick.
The world is very vast and big. Large number of people live in here. Many of them are rich and many are poor and helpless. Many children being homeless. They are compelled to live in streets. They never could have a good food to eat and nice clothes to wear.
There are many beautiful countries in this world. Visiting such countries makes our mind fresh and gives refreshment. Nepal is one of them. It is naturally, a very beautiful country. But the formation of Nepal was very difficult for the Nepalese kings and people. Many kings and Nepale...
In our society different people having different nature lives. They loves many thing found in nature. Among all, animals are one. Many people keeps dog, cat, mouse,horse etc, as their pet animals. Less number of people dares to keep wild animals as a per animals. Its very risky to kee...
There are different types and kinds of games. Most of the people engage themselves playing games. Different people likes different games. But football is liked by many people. We can find many crazy fans of football. When football world cup comes they live their all work and start wat...
Our life has been so easy and comfortable because of means of transportation. Every one needs a means to move from one place to other. Some will have their own vehicles. But among all, motorbike is used by large number of people. Specially today's youths.
Life of human being is not always easy and happy. We have to face different problems and go through difficult twist and turns. Sometime our own turns into enemy. I too have faced many and same problem.
Science has changed many things and made all living beings comfortable and happy. Because of latest and modern technologies the life of all people have become ease. We, human beings will not be able to survive our life without such technologies.
Environment is the place where we live. Environment is surrounded by large number of animals and beautiful natural resources. People living in specific environment should always think to take care of his surroundings and dirt's.
Politics is regarded as a dirty job in most of the places and countries. Many politician do their job not for the welfare of a country only for their sake. Many countries going backward in development because of bad game played by politician.
NO man in this world is born perfect. To be perfect one should always follow the rules and regulations of nature. To know and learn about many things found in nature and to study the each and every activities of human beings one should be well disciplined and literate. No man is perf...
This world is very big and vast. People in here are increasing day by day. Because of growing population in whole world, human beings wants and desires are also increasing. Their wants are increasing but because of limited resources human beings are unable to fulfill it.
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