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Peter Hann
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I write about business or financial issues
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In early December 2013 the member countries of the WTO agreed on a package of measures that is expected to give a further boost to world trade. The agreement known as the Bali Package contains a set of issues that have been under consideration as part of the larger Doha round of negot...
Every business should know the inventory shrinkage rate which tells the management what proportion of the products are lost, broken or stolen between the point of purchase or manufacture and the point of sale. Armed with this knowledge the management can take steps to reduce product l...
In addition to attracting visitors to the website the business must make sure that they do not bounce away quickly to another site. Visitors must be drawn into the site by interesting content and clear links.
Measuring the social networking footprint helps a business to measure the success of its engagement with customers through social media. A business can use the data to improve its social networking footprint by engaging more effectively with customers on social media platforms.
Every business should have a way of tracking the share of online voice and looking at the extent to which comments, reviews and tweets about the business are positive or negative. The business can then take action to improve the situation and make sure that the online comments about t...
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