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Mr Arrogant
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I am a blogger, who write in my blog Blaber Blogger, . I am interested in articles related to travel, lifestyle, food, entertainment, internet and blogging.
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I shall introduce to the ultimate website for all photographers and for people who like to take photos. This one is an efficient tool and solution for photographers.
Korean dramas have become popular all over the world and is being sold in DVDs and are also available online for viewing. These korean dramas are usually 20 to 30 hours long and are divided into episodes. They are series and are popular mainly as romantic dramas.
Smoking was said to be an act of fascination. The result of smoking causing please to one’s mind and also to one’s own attitude was said to be an esteem. Smoking was said to be a choice of lifestyle but now it is the reason for thousands and millions of death all over the world du...
Casual training is a wonderful experience for hotel management students like me, as during this opportunity I get to explore the real industrial world of hotels. I, myself, Nischal Gurung, have got trained in various stars hotels in Kolkata, as a casual trainee and have achieved a mar...
Do not underestimate the gold standard of Olive Oil. Its really beneficial and is more powerful than what you think.
Are you a freak about accessories of Mobile phones? Here we have MoPods, a trendy accessory for your cellular phone. Well, if you’ve not heard about MoPods and do not know what Mopods are, do read this article.
Do you know much about Australian Foods and Cuisines? Know how lavish an Australian Treat is? Here we go… you’ve got about it here.
A poem that I wrote about love, which is a Valentine poem
Eat breakfast like king, lunch like a beggar and dinner like a beggar, so goes an old saying. But in today’s world of hurry, breakfast is the biggest casualty and if you avoid eating your breakfast, prepare to be dead.
People who prepare Mayonnaise sometimes do not come up with a very good quality of the sauce due to some problems they face. Here I have some tips for those cooks who wants to prepare a wonderful Mayonnaise sauce.
This is an article of John Falcon, who having the largest male private organ, still is left with no job
There are various beautiful and the most exciting amusement parks and theme parks all over the world, where one can have so much fun. Here I have with me a list of the Best Amusement Parks and Theme Parks.
The Grammy Award is an International Award given every year to the World’s Best Musicians, artists, singers, lyrics and other persons associated with the music industry. The Grammies is indeed the most prestigious award given to the people who belong to the music industry.
Here I have a list of the Top Ten Football Goal scorers in the Barclays Premier League.
I have been writing for various websites like Triond, Bukisa, Helium and for Wikinut but probably I do stick to wikinut and love writing for this site. Well, probably I have gained a lot of experience writing online as I have been do this since more than two years. With my experience,...
Double your earnings and increase the content traffic on your blogs, online articles on Wikinut, Triond, Bukisa, factoidz, etc.The solution is Redgage, the social bookmarking site thats pays also pays you extra.
A funny joke about the lie detecting robot and the porn movie's secret.
The Love story of the elephant and the ant seems to be serious.Well this is a joke about this unusual happening. I hope this will make everyone laugh as I know this is a lovely joke. Find the humor in this love story.
I wrote this poem a few years ago which I am publishing here
So you’re not satisfied by the salary you recieve and want a raise in your salary? Haven’t had promotional since you’ve joined your work though its been long you joined. Want a higher pay check? Here are some cool tips to get a higher pay cheque and double your salary in two yea...
Friends are a very integral part of one’s life. It is Friendship that is said to be one of the strongest bond in human relation and a relationship of a lifetime. So its important we nourish and treasure friendship.
Proposing a Girl is not an easy job and it should be done with the right ideas and time to do with the right ways. So If you’re thinking of proposing a girl, this may help you.
A joke about an incident that happened in a graveyard.
Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger, has been ranked the Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood. Emma Watson is back again in the headlines. Now, she’s been claimed as being the highest-paid Hollywood actress.
I shall introduce to the ultimate website for all photographers and for people who like to take photos. This one is an efficient tool and solution for photographers.
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