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A blogger of late, written blogs of all nature in various sites. Love to be friendly and build long term relationship. Interested in touring the world.
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A short event in the history which is described for a success in life, a motivational story.
This post deals with the growth of primitive man into a cultured and civilized man due to advancement of science and technology.
This poetry describes a Birthday party at home which is celebrated by the family in a poetic form.
I hate war for the loss of life killed inhumanly. War was like a game for leaders who not only killed their loyal soldiers but their own people. This post describes the the war behind this War remnant museum of Vietnam.
A wheel is the rudimentary for any invention since advancement of civilization. This post tells it.
Hindus believe so many things and one of the beliefs about this wheel is described here scientifically.
This post describes my views and thoughts about life in conjunction with personal experience.
I love traveling, visiting one by one country and in this connection, let me write my trip to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Wat Temples, that is this post.
It was my endeavour to find out a person to contact for an appointment, who is a specialist in Indian Medicine, featuring in a TV show daily in the morning hours, telling indigenous herbal treatment for all kind of diseases. My search for the name and contact number ended with the hel...
This post describes how our society is spoiled by unethical doings, corruption and crimes, are they teach us a lesson to learn?
This poetry narrates about how angel descends to earth who is seen in dreams and the feelings of love that sprouts out.
This post deals why comparison is not productive and why many compare their lives with others and get complex.
It is a poetry expression love and passion on a girl
This post tells about what a man has learnt and no one knows completely about anything.
This post tells about how advertisements in media are created to tempt viewers to buy the products.
Understanding the essence of life through different explanations
Everyone earns money but spending not properly. This post describes how to spend usefully the money.
Faith and Belief on region do not reflect in personal characters telling us to think why there is influence on people following them.
War is forced on a country and people by powerful, egoistic, sadistic leader ultimately end in destruction of life and property
This post talks about air, its quality, need of air and air pollution.
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