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laxmana dalmia
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I have done my post graduation in philosophy. My passions are film-making, reading and writing. I help, guide and heal people's lives--physically, emotionally and mentally, financially through tarot
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If we release the past and let go of baggage we are free to move on to a better future.
Whenever we look back it should be in gratitude for all the good in our life. If we wallow in past negativities we will not be able to change the future
We create our own versions of hell or heaven. Our life is in our own hands and we can make what we will of it.
The happy heart is the key to achieving the best in life for if you are happy then all odds can be overcome.
Whenever there are intersections in life where the road we choose has far reaching implications we get perturbed. This is a new perspective for those who do not like having to make choices and want an easy path in life.
No person is perfect ! Whatever mask they wear for people to see. it will fall off. It is our perception of them that makes us believe they that they are perfect and we begin to idealize them.
All of us can re-create ourselves if we have the will. Traumas and Troubles are inevitable. Its how we rise above them. having the right attitude is the key.
Indian Election is one of the largest democratic exercise in the world. The Indian mission was, is and will always be ‘from the biggest democracy to the greatest democracy in the world’. The world looks to India on how to conduct elections.
Astrology is only a guiding tool! Nothing is written in stone. You can change your destiny and your future will be what you make of your present.
We create our own lives and situations by our belief systems —be they financial, emotional, physical or otherwise—and we can de-create and heal what we don’t like in our life. Understanding the co-relation of the physical, psychological and the spiritual is the key. Tarot Cards...
I have written my first novel and from time to time I shall be putting up excerpts. This is a recently written poem which reflects on deep changes in my psyche. I hope this will help people who experience these kinds of struggles in life.
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