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The colds usually gradually will decrease the human immune system and makes it prone to infection or other diseases.
Erectile dysfunction can occur when blood flow to the penis is blocked, existence of the damage to the nerves, stress, diabetes, or because of other problems.
This research found that exposure to a cold virus during pregnancy can affect the health conditions of the uterus.
The cold air can trigger a stroke due to exposure to cold causes increased blood pressure, blood vessel constriction, and clotting of platelets. Researchers in the United States also revealed that low air temperature variations can also cause a similar effect.
One of the organ that is likely damaged due to the habit of smoking is lung. When suck the cigarette, the lungs will inhaling poison gas and eventually will be damaged. For that, the smoker is very important cleanse their lungs from dangerous substances which comes from cigarette smok...
The benefits of strawberry juice, such as: 1. Good for diet 2. Maintain the eyes 3. Source of anti-inflammatory substances 4. Good for heart health 5. Rich in antioxidant substances
Too much staring at the phone screen can cause a lot of vision problems such as: pain in the eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes as a result of not blinking, until the headache.
Good food to be consumed by the sufferers of anemia, such as: 1. Fruit bits 2. Green vegetables 3. Iron-rich foods 4. Almonds 5. Fruits
The food is a daily need for humans to survive and breed. If hungry, then the humans need to eat and drink.
Recognize the bad effects of diabetes on the body such as the following, so that you can be more alert to this disease: 1. Nerve problems 2. Damage the digestive system 3. Affect skin health 4. Vision problems 5. Tooth and gum problems
Some useful tips to reduce this: 1. Reduce the intake of sugar 2. Note the intake of carbohydrates 3. Include fats and proteins in your food menu 4. Consumption of foods rich in fiber 5. Breakfast
The turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that are present in the curcumin. Curcumin also has benefits, such as: reduce pain in the joints, reducing inflammation, and stopping the growth of cancer cells.
Here are some ways that you can do to remove toxins from within the body through this natural ways, such as: 1. Warm lemon and honey 2. Aloe vera juice 3. Garlic juice . 4. Fibrous foods 5. Herbal tea
the following are the benefits from green onion for the health: 1. Source of iron 2. Have good fiber content 3. High in potassium 4. Good for heart health 5. Able to boost the immune system 6. Low in calories 7. High in anti-oxidants 8. Have anti-diabetic properties 9. Good u...
If you feel depressed, try eating tasty food and healthy such as the following: 1. Orange 2. Chocolate 3. Tea 4. Berries 5. Nuts
An easy way to make healthy on tired eyes due to the use of a computer, such as: 1. Break 2. Rubbing the palms 3. Setting the computer 4. Follow the rules of 20-20-20 5. Avoid excessive light 6. Often wink 7. Use special glasses
Consumption of these foods if the body of excess thyroid gland: Foods rich in calcium are: milk, broccoli, spinach, nuts, and fish. Foods rich in vitamin D: cereals, fish, and mushrooms. Foods rich in antioxidants such as: beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Foods rich in iron a...
There are way more simple and natural way to treat toothache: 1. Chewing onion 2. Apply a drop of clove oil 3. Gargle with salt water 4. Mouthwash
To prevent children exposed to these diseases, let's increase the body resistance with the following five ways: 1. Invite children to exercise 2. Provide healthy food 3. Reduce the intake of sugar 4. Provide hours of sleep regularly 5. Maintain cleanliness at home
To relieve stress, do not rush to drink medicine. You can relieve stress by natural ways. Here are some surprising ways that can reduce stress naturally and quickly, such as: - Lavender - Tuber - Chamomile - Dark chocolate - Peanut butter
Here are 5 foods that can make you more the spirit: - Sesame seeds - Chocolate - Spinach - Yogurt - Lentils
Here are 5 Most unhealthy habits when eating and safe way to stop it: 1. Eating while doing other activities 2. Delaying mealtime and let the stomach feel hungry 3. Eating constantly after exercise 4. Eating healthy during the week, but on weekends uncontrollable. 5. Accustomed ...
If you do not know the third symptom of sexually transmitted disease that, see review below, such as: - Chlamydia often known silent infection because many people are not aware of the symptoms. - Gonorrhea usually will need treatment for 10 to 14 days after infection. - Syphili...
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