Karen Nolan Rose

Karen Nolan Rose
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I’m a Harley owner/rider, Registered Nurse, Writer, and am happily married. I love writing about everything and anything especially all that happens during the day concerning grandchildren and love
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My ex-husband was in jail for violating the injunction for protection nine times and decided that I should be put out of his misery.
Depression regarding cancer and chemo is sometimes very overwhelming. It consumes finances interferes with family stability and income capabilities.
This poem was written for my mother when I turned 28, a gift to her for giving me life. The gift I presented her with was a watch she dearly wanted.
How do you feel about the environment and keeping our oceans clean? This article may change your mind and make you think twice about leaving your garbage on the beach.
Losing a child is beyond any one word description, sharing the loss with others helps heal not one, but many.
Being admitted to the hospital for any reason is a stressful event, but add a little comedy and stressors ebb just a little making the experience a little more tollerable.
This writing is on the idea of my writer's block essay a couple weeks ago. I am progressing with new ideas with this one being more whimsical and entertaining.
Enjoying family time with children and grandchildren is rare and precious. Making memories with them will last a life time superceding anything they can experience on the computer playing games or watching television.
Have you every felt indigestion so bad that you felt your abdomen was on fire? Have you had your yearly check-up with full panel labs and x-rays. Tragedy does not have to happen if you are informed of what could possibly end your future if you ignore certain symptoms.
Frustrations that I've encountered with writing, or should I say, not writing. Writing through thinking problem areas out on paper.
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