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I started writting when i was a kid, im now almost 23.Any advice to be better would be bentifical.
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To my breaking pount, trying to change things, quit drugs for the better me
Violen, scared for life, depression, needa quit these drugs they makin me a bad person
Trying to escape reality by using drugs, depressed, lost and alone
alone and lost and not sure where to go, reaching the end of my rope, mind wont escape the negative thoughts
suffering in this undeserving world you all call life, trying to see light, feeling so alone
dont know which road to choose, i cant give up this early i got to find a purpose and something to live for
every regret I take makes me grow upon each decision keeping me sane
unhappy about life, don't know how to fix it, trying to cope, and conceal my pain
feeling so lost without you, don't know what to do or even where to start
struggling to see light, darkness, sadness and strife to become a new healthier person
not a normal life, sadness consumes me, need to decipher between what's reality and what's not
feeling trapped, so much shit going on, overwhelms me day in and day out
committed suicide 5 months ago, very devastated, was my buddy, a friend that I never wanted to lose this early in life
losing hope, trying to cope and recover from it all, finding it hard to do
becoming a better person for the future to come, recognizing helpful ways and skills to get there
writtin raps is what I do, trying to be famous one day may take time and effort
learning the purpose of life, coping with healthy skills, being happy instead of sad
drugs are hard to quit once you get addicted, im trying so hard to overcome them and face my life in happiness and without hurtful drugs
gotta put your life in order, pursue your dreams and do what's right for your future whatever that may consist of
losing connection with reality and relationships, not knowing what path to take next
depression and sadness consume my days making it hard to live a happy life
domestic violence is not the key to life, we just need to find a way around it somehow
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