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hi, I have been writing on line for a little while now. My subjects are varied- tend to cover, crime , history and of course craft work. I also write on, Infobarrel and Excerptz
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H.M. the Queen has announced that we are all invited to lunch on Sunday 3rd June 2012. Stop! Before you go mad and book the top hat and tails, this is lunch with a difference, we are eating on our home turf, our streets, houses, community centres, everyone getting together for that "B...
Going on holiday? Follow these tips to help prevent the burglars entering your home when you are away on holiday!
Opening a tin or a can is easy, except when you can't manage to do it or the ring pull snaps- follow my easy tips and it will soon be open for you!
Travelling by car is safe, but there are steps that you can take to make sure that you keep as safe as possible when you are driving or parking your car!
what happens when your car breaks down, simple steps to take to reduce the danger when you break down.
Not everyone loves dogs, some are frightened of them. A few strategies to help you cope
How to look after yourself if you find yourself with an aggressive person
Why does bad news get such good publicity- good things happen to.
Visiting clients at home can be full of danger- take steps to avoid these dangers.
Tips and safety precautions that you can take when you walk alone at night.
An account of a conversation between an average English mum and a Nigerian doctor
Discussion of who you could invite to your wedding and how you might decide who was welcome.
Letter writing is a dying art. When did you last write a letter and how means of written communication have changed
The Royal Wedding will be upon us soon, A level headed couple are getting married and are a cause for celebration in the UK and all over the world
Follow my tips and you are highly unlikely to have a successful barbecue. At least the cook will be marianated.
It is time to apply for your tickets for the greatest sporting event of the decade, in London, next year. Details of when and who to contact for tickets wherever you live in the world.
This is the story of King Alfred the Great of England and how he managed to ruin the baking of one of his poor followers by not paying attention to the fire.
A Brief history of the census in the United Kingdom and details of this year's census.
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