A Ravi Shankar

A Ravi Shankar
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A Ravi Shankar, former TV Journalist, involved in communication field for over two decades. Writes on Media, Issues, Events and Trends. www.tvjournalist.net
eBook: Preparing for Primetime
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'Preparing for Primetime', will give head start to people looking for a career in Television Journalism. It will also help people who wish to become Citizen Journalists.
Art of being unreasonable - Lessons in Unconventional thinking, is the title of a book by Billionaire Businessman Eli Broad. The book explains this art, interestingly, similar model has been followed by some of the other successful, as well as not so successful people.
We don't get to read some of the great thinkers as they don't put their ideas on paper. However, if they were to channelize their thoughts through blogs, we would be richer. If you get started, it is not too difficult, to crystallize ideas into blogs.
Shahrukh Khan starer Chennai Express is a light film. You can enjoy it, if, you wish to switch off your analytical / critical mind.
Your Communication should follow the three Cs, if they have to impact your audience. The three Cs are Correct, Clear and Concise.
We are dependent on Sun for our survival. But do planets of the solar system have any effect on our lives? Astrology believes so. If that is the case would praying to Planets solve our problems?
Wikinut has given freedom to share some useful thoughts, I have picked up over the years. Thank you for giving the platform.
Change of glasses should bring in clearer vision. Carefully chosen Lens can provide comfort & safety besides clear vision
Wearing Spectacles changes the way you look. radically. For looking smart and clear vision, carefully choose the right glasses.
Meditation brings in a calmness which helps in healing your body and motivates your mind. The article highlights three easy meditation techniques.
Converting your blog into a short film isn't too difficult. 5 steps to achieve the same are mentioned here.
Real people who rebuilt their lives from a no-win, gloomy situation
Root Canal Treatment can be avoided in many cases by an Ayurvedic Technique called Oil Pulling.
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