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Denise Larkin
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I write articles based on travel, news, television, movies or on anything else that interests me. I live in the United Kingdom and I am from London. I have been writing for 18 years!
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Recent pages by Denise Larkin

Here is my review of the book titled Untold Story by Monica Ali. It is a fiction story using the basis of Princess Diana's character. What if she was still alive and living as someone else somewhere in the world?
My experience of being in the audience and a review of the X Factor UK 2014 Boot Camp show at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.
My experience of being in the audience at the X Factor UK 2014 auditions at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.
This article is about my experience when I attended the X Factor UK auditions at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.
The Merchant's House Museum is a historical house in New York city. I visited there a while back and wanted to share some details about it.
A great movie with lots of emotional moments which is based on historical truth.
Did witches really exist? I have been doing some research on witchcraft and witches lately and I have found a story on the Pendle witch trials. Do you want to know more?
Do you think vampires might really exist or may have in the past? Read some of the evidence that I have researched in this article.
Have you ever visited the Highgate Cemetery or heard of the Highgate vampire in London?
Have you ever stared at one of the Queen's guards and thought that they were scary? Visiting the area of Buckingham Palace and seeing the Queen's guards can be a great experience.
Here are ten reason why Cyprus is a great place to visit for your summer holiday destination.
I saw Divergent recently at the cinema. It's a good one to see. Have you seen it?
Would you like to book a cheap summer holiday this year? If so, then here is an online company who are giving cheap deals for this year.
Godzilla 2014 is coming to cinemas soon. Watch the new trailer.
A book review with an unusual story. Ghost Story by Peter Straub is a spooky story that I couldn't down for a minute. Find out more here.
Have you seen a television series called Vikings? Vikings is a dramatic show based on the history of Vikings and about one Viking's life that was spent travelling and exploring the seas for treasure and other lands.
Here is how you can give a short three card reading using the tarot cards.
Learn how to think good thoughts. It can help you through bad times. Read the following poem about thinking good thoughts.
Would you like to teach yourself to read the tarot cards? If so, then read on to find out more.
Would you like to start giving tarot card readings? If so, read on to learn about doing this.
Learn how to read the tarot cards. Here are websites that can help you learn more about tarot cards.
This is a review article about Virgin Atlantic Airlines. I have been a passenger three times with Virgin.
A poem about freedom and what it means. Read this poem if you need freedom in your life.
A poem about guilt and feelings that surround it. How can we deal with it? Read this if you need help.
An interesting story. Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult is a great book to read.
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