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I am a young writer and artist. I like to write how- tos and short stories.
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Recent pages by Talaiha

I want to share with you a new way of earning online with Swagbucks.com
Read about how the first day of high school goes for Talaiha.
Find out about a super fun and exciting game to play with friends and family.
This article is all adout polymer clay, where to buy it, what kinds to get, and what you can do with it.
Hi Its Talaiha again sharing with you something very important that has changed her life.
this is a piece that i wrote about the world we live in today.
Its time for shopping day.This is another day in the life of Talaiha, how school shopping went. Also what Talaiha got on this school clothing shopping day.
Here is Talaiha's favorite fashion tips and clothing ideas.
This is another part of The life of Talaiha. What Talaiha wants to be when she gets older.Also her first Tries at baking. Read on to for more.
Here is another big surprise in the life of Talaiha.Learning she has lupus now there is something new. Diabetes.This is how I deal with it.
This is a polymer clay charm tutorial. You will learn everything you need for starting a polymer clay project. Also you will learn what kinds of clay to use.
This is what I think of iggys dough boys on oakland beach
This is events in Talaihas life. This is almost like a diary.
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