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Fahad Amjad
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Hello friend I am fahad from Pakistan I want to frienship with you.

I am single
My facebook id is
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Necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, if we want to successful, so we trust on Allah's bless. I write beautiful story please read.
We should never create negative think in our mind because Wise acts bring success.
This story related about a stage who love his horn but he disappointed his legs. Please read and say me your comment.
Follow my article latter who I write for wikinut must you read and comment me please.
A rolling stone gathers no moss is a short story can give us, our goal. Anyone who change sides. please must read.
Greed is a bad habit, Please improve yourself because Allah can see everyone people and seen his thought. This story teach anyone who digs a pit for other falls of them.
You should do honest with every one and earn your nature. You can earn the reward of Allah. I want to say you short story of the poor man. Please read this story and you creat improve your life.
The story is relate at our process because when we do very much of ourself. please read my story. I gave you my story of three son and their father's advice.
Quran is not only for the Muslim because Quran is the book of guide for all man. Allah gave us and Mahammad (P.B.U.H) are the writer of the Holy Quran. I suggest you that please read the Holy Quran and you can save your life. you read my speech and gave me your answer.
We need to guide about civil defence training of our child because today is not save. We must teach the some cases of the defence training. And create your goal.
I want to share you the health issue that how can you solve your heart attack deceases without any medicine. You need just follow my advice. Please read carefully.
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Health is wealth. As a man is healthy, he does not realize the value and importance of his health. It is only when he falls ill that he understands the value of health. We enjoy eating only when we are healthy. When health breaks down, nothing gives us pleasure. An unhealthy man is ju...
It is said that man is born with a noble nature but with the passage of time he loses his nobility and becomes devil's disciple because of bad thanking and laziness.
A few year back woman in Pakistan was leading a slavish life. She was considered a beast of burden whose job was to give birth to children and work as a cook, a washerwoman, a sweeper and nurse at home. She had responsibilities but no rights.
By of Computer we are always with every one. Today we have internet in our computer in the life but we can't properly use of computer. Why?
In Pakistan the best news caster is city42 because city42 give the news are truth.
Democracy is the one of important of life because it mean that in democratic from of government common man plays the pivotal role.
I am a Genius my brain is a master piece. It is divided into two parts left and right. In the left part nothing is right and in the right part nothing is left. :D
This essay is so important in our life because Hobby does relate our life. Because no ways we can fall in devil's work.
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