Leon Pryce

Leon Pryce
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i mostly write poetry and essays. i have been struggling for many years to make it as a successful writer but my persistence remain and i hope i will get the support of readers here.
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this is a double take in poetry from Leon Pryce. if you desire to live in a place where words, rhymes and choruses are chanted everyday then come with me to poetry. what if life was a dream? let us live our dreams as though we would never wake up.
i was born in sufferation and poverty. even today i still suffer because i am unable to afford certain things, and when you ask people for assistance they try to demean you before they offer help.
Where i`m from poverty is the trademark of life. most people in Jamaica can relate to this poem and as you read you will understand my utter disgust about life in poverty.
our women are under-appreciate. it hurts me to see men abusing women when they should be loving them and pampering them like the queens and princesses they are.
i have written many poems but most are little sad poems. i guess it`s because i have lived most of my life in depression so there was just nothing joyful to write about.
this article is a tribute to the women in my family who have been there for me throughout my life. they have mothered me like i was their own, so i just want to say thanks.
i never had any children of my own but my love for them is so overwhelming that each time i saw a child all i can do is wish that was my child.
who is my mother? this poem answers its own question by telling you the kind of women my mother is by identifying different types of personalities she possess.
my mother died when i was a baby but i had mothers who mothered me like their own birth child. i would like to dedicate this little article to all the women especially in my family who helped make me the man i am today.
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