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I have a passion for photography and writing and try to combine each by doing photo essays. I also love to research other topics of interest and write about them.
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This is the 13th installment in Sue Grafton’s alphabet mystery series. I have read several of her books but not in order. This one was one of the best I have read so far. All of Grafton’s alphabet series involve a private investigator named Kinsey Millhone.
On the Old Mission Peninsula in Northern Michigan, you will find the Mission Point Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was built in 1870 and is located on the 45th parallel of latitude, which is halfway between the equator and north pole.
I'm sure we all would agree that without herbs and spices our foods would be rather bland. Now how about if I told you that some spices not only add flavor to your food but happiness and health to your life. Lets take a look at a few spices that we use daily.
I have stayed at the Blue Water Inn in St. Clair Michigan a few times in the past few years. Although their rooms were dated, they were always clean and the view made up for a lot. They have since renovated all the rooms and I had an opportunity to stay there not that long ago. These ...
The Stranger Beside me is the story of Ted Bundy the serial murderer with the charismatic personality. What makes this book exceptionally good is the fact that Ann Rule, the author knew Ted Bundy personally before any of his heinous crimes were brought out into the open. It delves in...
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