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Sainthood is the special honor given by the Catholic Church to devoted Christians who are believed to be in heaven. They are believed to live near God and have the power to intercede for the people on the earth. It is really interesting to know about mothers and children as saints in ...
It is an interesting story about scarcity of food and how a mom tactically solves the problem. Moms are known for their sacrifice. This is a fitting story in this Month of Mothers.
America celebrates the Memorial Day on 25 May 2015. It makes us pass through the centenary memories of the First World War and the Seventieth anniversary memories of the Second World War. It may be a fitting thought at this occasion of this year’s Memorial Day to analyze why they sa...
Mother's Day never ends. It is a continuous process. It may be the right thing to bring with it a lot of flowers, candy, handmade cards or such sorts of the commercial world. It may be day when radiant moms look adoringly at their kids. These celebrations may inspire our hearts to thi...
Sleep is the essential rest for everyone. In the busy lifestyle of modern days, a peaceful sleep is much affected. People suffering from insomnia try every method, swallow tablets or count the sheep, but they complain that they are unable to sleep. Massaging can assure you a peaceful ...
The earthquake in Nepal killed thousand and caused sufferings to millions of people. Whenever there is a natural calamity that causes great devastation, some people shout that they are signs of the end of the world. Natural calamities are not to threaten humanity, but they are calls o...
Depression is a mental condition that affects the whole body. Depression cripples a life. Depression makes it very difficult for their brains to do even the simplest tasks such as deciding what to eat for their next meal.
Pain management is gaining popularity today. People are turning to alternative methods to relieve their pain. The traction method has been used from ancient days to reduce the lower back pain.
The human body is a mini universe – a miniature of universe. The body and the universe can be compared in several ways. Every aspect of the body, mind and soul reflects the great universe in a micro-form in our body and mind. Ayurvedic system is based on this universal law of nature...
Why do people go for aromas and cosmetic deodorants? They do not want to disappoint others by their body producing unpleasant odors. Hence, they try with the costliest deodorants on the market to make their bodies attractive with pleasant aromas. You can prepare your own.
The world is in great turmoil. Everyone wants to live in peace. But selfishness and disbelief are forcing humanity into more chaos and confusion. Peaceful life is becoming more remote.
We want peaceful life. Our houses have lost peace. The modern houses are noisier than houses of the past. A home is meant for peaceful rest and relaxation. It is a haven to hide away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.
Yoga practice is gaining popularity in the modern world. It has been found as the most effective panacea for most of the health problems today. It is not a mere fitness exercise as many people think. Yoga is a lifestyle of health.
It sounds interesting to find Easter Day as Eater’s Day. After controlling eating meals during the season of Lent, it is natural that people enjoy more eating foods. There are special dishes for this occasion both in the eastern and western worlds.
It is spring. The king of weeds – dandelion – has sprung from the earth and can be seen everywhere. Ayurveda hails dandelion, the herb that shoots up everywhere in the world, as the king of herbs. It is really the king of herbs!
Bad habits are acquired by people by various reasons. They are the negative behavior over which a person who still seems to have control over the behavior and can avoid it with his/her will power.
Parenting is the most neglected role in the modern social lifestyle. Parents today have to face great challenges which had been unknown in the past. Parents should be ready to make their children take up responsibilities and do things without any intervention.
The earth is covered more by water. The oceans and other water sources contain several foods that humans can consume. It has become very inevitable to turn to the ocean beds for human survival.
Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a common health problem found among several people. It may affect normal diet and cause unnecessary problems. Find out the triggers and get relief from this condition.
Oh My God! It is Omega! It is for my health. It is the modern mantra of diet supplements. It is the new revolution in the health world. It is very necessary to lower the fat in the blood and prevent heart problems.
Last Saturday was described as "Black Saturday" since it followed the Friday of Crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. He was buried in a tomb and the Christian world observe this day in mourning. But the next day - Easter Sunday - dawned into a bright day of the Resurrection of Jesu...
Easter is the festival celebrated by Christians all over the world, commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus. Does Easter mean eating and collecting Easter eggs? Does Easter end with the rituals or ceremonies that accompany the days – Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter? Is there any...
After the gloomy and dark season of winter the season of spring arrives with more shining and warmth of the sun. Nature returns in joy. Birds come back from their migration. It is also a season of return for humans – to return to God.
Easter eggs remind the festival of Easter which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Children enjoy fun with Easter eggs without knowing the real significance of Easter eggs.
The Saturday the Holy Week is called Holy Saturday. It has a special ritual of preparing the holy fire. Fire is an important element of nature. The churches rejoice over the victory of Jesus.
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