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I am a writer of poetry.
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When you are young they tell you "these are the best days of your life".Eventually everything is stripped away.Brutal reality but true.
Many times hurt by love.expectations never met,always some flaw.does love really exist?
Guess this is a love poem.............wonder if anyone get it???
The human body is made up on amazing systems,all to secure our survival.When you break it all down,it is true evidence of God's exitance,no other explanation.Something so small protect something so big................pure magic.
Don't know where I was going with that one.Just came into my head.
Mental illness is on the increase.No one really knows the cause.Just some thoughts on how it might feel.And I hate labels.
Some think they are above others,Narcissistic in nature.What secretes are they hiding............Why so bitter?
Ever had your heartbroken.Painful ain't it.Don't know what to do for the best.Lost your soul mate.??????????
This is a poem for a a fellow wikinutter.You know who you are,clues in the title.Who do you really work for????????????
Most will tell you they are open minded..........but are they really.think of all the people we avoid,the groups we put into boxes and label.
Not always a good idea to be open and honest.Although many already have guessed what it it you're hiding.Once a secretes out whats the worst that can happen..................We all pretend to be what we're not at times.
Funny how we all seem to repeat the same mistakes till we learn.Comprimise in relationship is one of the keys to a good one.
Most never reach or even know their own potential.If at first you don't succeed try,try,try again.
Charlie is my dog,she has got to be there to greet me,happy or sad she knows my emotions.How can that be..............
Funny how we never take the time to see the big picture.So much intelligence,wasted on mundane,useless,thinking..............Ponder this.
Just a idea I got.Everything has an opposite,perhaps we should be searching for something in between to balance our life's.
Birth mother's mean so much to an an adoptive child.Let them down with ease.
Everyone knows someone like this,,Think they have a higher intelligence,Others disagree.True colors,are shown eventually.
Life is very unpredictable.having faith without doubt is the greatest of gifts...........explore every avenue,leave no stone unturned
Times when everything's against you.Nothings working out...........yeah bad times.
People are very quick to make judgements,the outer appearance of someone can be very misleading..........inner qualities matter.
Sometime you're just gotta be you're self.Everyone has a deep dark side.No shame
Heard plenty talk about this experience,never had it myself,but this is how I would imagine it to be like.
All paths lead to the same destination,some just take a longer route.But hey that's life in the making.x
I wrote this first,then lost it.I submitted the one I wrote next,same idea,different words.Now I think this is better.So what do you think?
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