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I'm a quiet girl with a vast mind.
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Recent pages by LilyPad562

A little thing that was running through my head a few days ago while spending time with my boyfriend.
Just a poem about new-forming love from the fearful mind.
Just advice, that all can relate to... Adivce to tell you children. Life goes on. Time heals.
This page reviews the new action film Inception, featuring Leonardo Dicaprio.
Just some random writing. I have always loved the beach...
Just writing about depression, and the torture that it is.
What is love? But an unknown emotion to some, but a beautiful experience to those with an knowing mind.
Anna and Tom met four years ago, and Anna's love for Tom never ceased to exist. They knew each other for just a few hours, but they loved each other in an instant.
The boy every girl dreams of finding. This picture of perfection is planted in our minds from birth, but is anyone like that actually out there?
Lost and hopeless, the depression sets in. No one gets it, no one cares. I am alone. Lost. Worthless.
Questioning whether or not to tell the love of your life... He's your friend, someone you love being around. But is it worth risking all that just to tell him you've fallen in love with him?
It's just a poem about pain, about feeling alone and unwanted. Like no one would care if you just dropped dead, right then and there.
The short tale of a girl feeling like she's not good enough for the boy she loves.
A love letter begging for a lovers return. A girl, so in love, writes in agony, as she desperately tries to get her lover back, so that at last she can feel whole again.
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