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I am a fitness instructor dreaming of being a film script writer. I tend to write - or rant! - about anything that takes my fancy.
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After a certain age, is it not up to the individual to police their behaviour? Too many incidents are blamed on inebriation.
A review of the X Factor semi final and my thoughts on the performances and their chances.
There is a lot of misleading advertising about these days. Promises of deals which sound to good to be true. Time to rant.
There is a training course for everything these days. Is it not time there was a course for romantic relations?
A poem about the end of the most important of journeys; the search for love.
It seems strange that we put so much stock in something we have no control over or no say in; race.
Are we destined to follow the same pattern in life? Is it not possible to break a habit and adopt some new and exciting ones?
We are all here because we love writing and want to have our stuff read by, we hope, those who appreciate it. But is there also a little bit of procrastination?
One of the strangest things I can remember being told is that someone did not like music. How can you not like music?
The London Evening Standard has been running a campaign to improve literacy across the capital. Whilst very laudable, I can't help but think they are concentrating on the wrong subject.
This is a short poem - that i am sure many men can relate to! - that answers that oft asked question: why do you like me?
A brief rant about the proliferation of awful television and its influence on wider society.
In the world of wikinut the accumulation of nutpoints is becoming an all consuming pastime! But what of the elusive star page?
As a martial arts practitioner, a question I have been asked many times over the years is; which is the best martial art?
Prejudice is the vault in the mind, full of the references that we pull out in any new situation, so as we might find some semblance of comfort.
After the lust and the frisson of initial excitement, how does a relationship move forward into to love?
Is it easier to be bad than it is to be good? If so, why would anyone ever be good?
There are more mobile phones than people on the planet. How did we ever get by without them?
This is a review of another new season comedy Stateside called Up All Night. It star Christina Applegate and Will Arnett.
This is a short poem about how things can seem to change, but not change at all. Also about deciding to change.
As anyone who writes and reads knows, words have power. certain words have more power than others.
The western world is heading towards recession. Many blame the government, more blame the banks. Should we not be taking some of the blame?
We all love to write, that's why we are here. We like to read and, occasionally, comment on what we read or see. Some use their anonymity as a cloak to pester and abuse.
A short poem about the methods we employ to keep the world at bay sometimes.
A story of schoolboy errors with, perhaps, life changing consequences. A case of want, not need.
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