Kevin Ewing

Kevin Ewing
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Hi I am Kevin Ewing from the Bahamas. I love writing and focus specifically on Christian writing.
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This article gives us an insight as to what is causing our end results in life. It will point out to you that things just don't happen, instead it will always be as a result of what we've connected ourselves to that has given us the outcome we are currently experiencing.
Seeing things for what they really are and being real in addressing it once discovered makes life that much easier.
Understanding the mind of an enemy that is closer to you than you think.
Getting a clearer understanding of the internal mechanics of a relationship.
Is death a random act or are there certain events that is determining our death?
Understanding frustration and discovering what is the genesis of it.
This article is about discovering the root behind division in any relationship. The reality is there are laws that govern it.
Understanding how relationships succeed via the law of synergy
This article is about not being real and honest in a relationship. Misleading other into believing something that does not really exist.
This article gives a insight into how we convince ourselves about love being forever, when the inevitable is there will be a separation, be it via death or disagreement.
This article is about how God will allow certain things to take place in our lives, that may seemingly be unfair. However, it is these very unlikely instruments that are a part in elevating us to various positions in life.
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