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Let us begin again from where it actually began for us.
The true nature of everything is the infinite projection holographic image to convey bulk information. This is the Fragmented Core.
This is the story of the longest train route in the world.
This is the story of the gloomy, war ridden land in the Horn of Africa on the coast of the Indian Ocean.
This is for the real power holders in the Democracy, The people to stay up to date about what solutions their representatives have came up with.
It is time for Assembly Elections in the Indian state of Jharkhand, which puts the Modi-wave (an innovative chapter in Public Relations) to test yet again.
This is the story of any ordinary human who seeks to be guided through the strange complex days of his life but instead ends up being exploited and conned.
When the zealous enthusiast craves and is kept deprived there is no other choice but to pass a moment of excruciating pain at a time.
This is the plight of the average loser when he starts gambling on assumptions about how the world should rationally be i.e Absolutely random whereas he discovers that under specific constraints it is manipulated.
This is the story of a common man who faces threat from hypocrisy, intolerance, sorrow etc.
This is a Philosophical Point of view on People beginning with great Dreams and aspirations but ultimately settling for what is available.
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