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Gaurav Narula
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I'm a global marketing and social media expert, I've been connecting people and products through technology. I've 5 year track record in marketing analysis and strategy.
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Being one of the most preferred recreational beverages in the world, tea holds a special place for many of us.
Handicrafts define the creative endeavors undertaken by a country and also represent its art and culture in the best possible manner.
Recently, both the government and the private sector have taken it upon themselves to contribute towards the movement to empower the women of India. This is being done by providing them with equal opportunities as men, one of the methods being employment training and skill development...
Everyone wants to have their own place –a place to call home. And for people who move around a lot, such as college kids, or even young adults with fancy jobs, flats on rent provide the perfect little space to call home.
We believe it is understood that an employee is one of the central assets of an organization. It is important to understand that only a well-trained, motivated employee can help understand what is to be done to achieve the organization’s goals or lead them to success. Employees also...
A corporate training program is a result based strategy solution devised to increase efficiency of the corporate workforce.
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