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Although entertainment and fashion are my main points of focus, I will consider almost anything to write about that intrigues or inspires me.
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To an untrained eye, beauty pageants look effortless. In reality, there is much going on behind the stage no one ever wants the general public to know. This top ten list highlights unfortunate moments many wished would have remained undetected by news sources.
Look Modelicious in Fashion Finds For The Average Woman
'Oz The Great And Powerful' Vivid in Imagery But Flat In Plot And Character Development.
Here are a few tips to help you get started in a modeling career.
What started as an artistic feminist movement ends with world notice, controversy but acceptance.
Military Coats and Jackets Take a Fashion Stance Worldwide
Spring 2012 Fashion Trends Deliver With Explosions Of Color
Lobstering In Maine A Way Of Life For Many But With Challenges
Once again Kim Kardashian proves that she is out for bucks (like she needs more?)...
Old Orchard Beach offers more than just a simple beach front
It is time once again for the 64th annual Lobster Festival in Scenic Rockland, Maine
It has been quite a year for this ultra talented man of the stage
Even During Times of Fashion Budget, Distinct Trends Continue
Calvin Klein ads have been the subject of interest and controversy for many years. I wonder how most people feel about these ads. Do they go too far for fashion?
The old West days are gone. Some of the fashion remains pretty much the same but now an old cowboy staple has taken on a more striking appearance.
Do Children in Beauty Pageants Function In Reality?
Celebrities Are Taking Over Fashion Magazine Covers!
What does celebrity really mean? I think the meaning has changed...
Fashion Shows and Fashion Spreads are Embracing Models of All Sizes and Ages
Make Your Old Threads Come to Life in A Unique Way
Nigerian Dwarf Goats Make Great Pets and are Good For Your Yard
I wonder how many customers are put off by the attitude of retail workers?!
Decline in the Overall Appearance Of Professional Women
Is the price of watching pro sports live starting to weight heavy on your wallet?
Are stars going overboard in Hollywood with plastic surgery to remain on their acting throne?
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