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I am fifty years old.I have been stopped my work for 23 years.My main works are poems
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In China,if you control the penises of the leaders,you will control everything.
There was a dramatic criminal case near Wu Chang Railway Station in Wu Han at 12:25 pm,February 18,2017.
The hauntingly beautiful melancholic is the main character of soppy classic love stories.
The Chinese big rules is bribery and prostitution,overall must be dirty or dark,otherwise the life is hopeless.
Things always don't work out by the way we hope.We should think the illusion of life is colorful and varied in different postures.
Lust is the source of all evil and we must produce the big wisdom from love.
I had a confused idea of life in general and I must find my hope in my future.
One day the young handsome peasant passed close to me,he whispered: “my home was far from here and I were assigned to here by them ”.Then I understood they assigned the peasant to hitch me and taught other local shareholders in the hall of the Ying He securities company to attack ...
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