Ron Flowers

Ron Flowers
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I am a retired independent business man. I buy and sell antiques as a hobby that pays for itself. I am a lightly published author. I write nostalgia,poetry, fiction and opinion pieces.
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When employers, employees and politicians work together to bring the best product to the marketplace, we all win. When they don't, we all lose.
This is a poem about meeting up with an elderly gentleman who resided in a nursing home.
There are many things wrong in the world today. Singing America The Beautiful in different languages is not one of them.
This is not an essay about WWII. But is my memories of life during the war.
This is a poem about hate and the destruction it leaves in it's wake.
This is a personal experience story from my childhood.
This is about the art of quilt making and what it means to me.
The is a summary of ways to run a small business selling antiques. It doesn't cover every possible way to do this, but the most common ways.
A sonnet that raises the question of what would happen if no one was willing to participate in war.
This is a story of how a large corporation carelessly affected the lives of thousands of people. It raises the question of the long term effects of the disaster.
How two leaders with diametrically opposing views put the country first.
It seems the English language is deteriorating. I would like to see it improve.
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