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I am a 22 year-old bachelor, hugely passionate about writing. I have written for several literary online magazines and look forward to make some money and also share my skills with the world.
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A die hard lover cherishes his beloved belongings with romantic words.
The author wants to send out a message to his friend that he is not alone, and that the author was, is and will always be there for his friend, come what may.
The pain of separation is the toughest pain to handle. The author sits and reminisces the past which was once beautiful, but the unfortunate departure of his loved one has taken all happiness out of his life.
Painful words from the heart of a heart-broken lover.
The author cherishes about an old friend, who was in shadows for a long time, but then became the best the author could ever have.
A die hard lover cherishes his beloved belongings with romantic words.
A short poem again, seeing the dream of a life-long friendship.
The author regrets his endless wait for happiness. All he wants is affection, but every body is so busy with themselves, no one has time to stop by and comfort the author. A sad and sentimental representation of a painful state of mind.
A sweet plea by the author to another sweet friend to be friends till the end.
The poem depicts the state of mind of a romantic lover, who finally has fallen in love with the perfect girl.
A sweet little marriage proposal to the perfect girl.
The author is trying to forget all the pain and misery and start afresh. He has his friend right at his service.
The author expresses the immense pain of not getting a chance to hear the parting words from his best friend, who is unfortunately not by his side anymore.
The nostalgia of old times haunts me like an age-old nightmare. This is my experience of one such sleepless night, when the ghosts of past keep popping up in my mind and remind me of a familiar pain in my heart.
Michael and Tom are two best friends who were together from high school, but the many moratoriums of life compelled them to drift apart in course of time. But they finally meet, and plan a road trip, to replenish the memories of young times. But there is an accident, and Michael is fa...
A story of an unfortunate separation. The words have been used very carefully indeed.
How often do we love a person, but don't have the courage to say it aloud. How often does our hesitation result into a complete disaster in our minds. Love is not only about a physical intimacy, love is much more than we think of it.
We are always in search of what we expect from our lives. But never have we tried to think what life expects from us. Does a journey always have to end into a destination? Does time manage to disappear every scar that it itself subjects us to? Perhaps not. Incidents may fade off with ...
The first few years of our lives is too easy. We have our parents to suffice for every mistake we commit. But then, it becomes difficult, when we realize that life is not a bed of roses, and we won't always be under the shelter of our great parents. The pain of departure is intense, a...
I often wonder how fast our minds respond to the changes around us. There is an incomparable speed with which millions of thoughts flash by in my mind every minute, and yet my life seems clueless, without any answers to my never ending questions.
The compulsion of the wedding ring immorally tortures Jenna, the protagonist in the story. With each passing sleepless night, Jenna duels with her conscience to decide whether to endure her husband's brutality for the sake of her 12-year daughter, or to free herself from the painful e...
It was a dark winter night. I sat alone in my room, sipping away clumsily at my coffee, when my eyes suddenly fell on something unusual on the streets outside. Unable to fight my curiosity, I walked out with a brave heart. But what I saw made every fiber of my body shudder with an inc...
On a silent winter evening, the ghosts of loneliness haunt me and I lead my steps to the broken bench on the far end of the park. There always seems to be something missing in my life. What is it? I keep wondering, and then, the answer strikes me like a thunder, and tears roll down fr...
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