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Vanity Press News
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Vanity Press News is the media branch of Author, Oscar Trejo Jr's Vanity Shades Sphere of Influence!

Topics range and vary but mosty focuses on Domestic and Foreign political relations!
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Recent pages by Vanity Press News

An inside look at Mixtures in Basic Chemistry, great read for College Students!
A close look at Chemical Reactions with an in depth look at table salt.
Islamist Extremist continue their rapid advance through Iraq and Syria, leaving death in their wake.
A look at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and a look at what makes the novel unique,
In depth look at Possession and questions to ask concerning the its symptoms..
A look at famous unsolved cases in history that has shaped the world.
An inside look at chirophobia-Fear of Hands which includes looking into the psychological disorder, and many opinions.
An inside look at School Funding and where most of it comes from.
VNP Leader, Oscar Trejo Jr comments on recent happenings in Syria.
A brief background of Charleston, South Carolina’s history and Folklore!
A close look at Solar Systems including What causes them and what they mean.
Russian President Putin acknowledges President Obama on Independence Day.
A close look at the concept of the "Evil Eye" and Prophecies..
An inside look at what happens to us when we pass away.
An Inside look at Possession and how to cope with such situations!
A look at how Fasting Diets affect the Human Body.
Contains helpful Detoxing diet secrets and better ways to manage your health.
A look at why getting plenty of Fiber is good for you!
What do plants mean in dreams? Keep reading to find out more!
An inside look at the importance of the human brain which includes it’s many connections and what exactly your brain does. It also talks about the five senses it controls.
A close look at Lunar eclipses and how they appear. A look at what Solar and Lunar eclipses has shown us throughout the years and what they tell us.
What goes on inside the eyes of a human, including the many parts of the eye and their importance to vision.
Another blog interview promoting "Spirits in the Moonlight: A Collection of Haunted Poetry"
An inside look at Parasitic Diseases that are deadly and dangerous. A look at what causes them including a look at Malaria and the African Sleeping Sickness.
A close look at the Bilharzia Flukeworms which plaque many in South America. Includes what carries these parasites and the best way to treat these parasitic worms.
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