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I have been writing articles for just over a year now and I love doing it. I hope to be able to expand my writing profile and hopefully gain a few more penny along the way :)
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A fashion stylist don’t just mix and match clothing, they have to do more then that to make an outfit work!
When you are down, all you need are these seven secret to find your happiness!
Do you need or want some extra cash? Well, why not save what you already have in your wallet !
Want to be an millionaire? Well, first step is to know the secrets of becoming one.
Did you just fail your interview of a job that you desperately want? Well if you did, did you know why?
Are you hopeless in romance? Don't understand why girls kept running away from you?Well, why not find out why!
Are you doomed when it comes to your love life? Maybe the problem is not the guys...maybe it's you..Well, find out why…
Things happen and sometimes, facing it is the only choice we have...even if it is the hardest thing to do...
It happens to a lot of people…you love him with all you heart, but he barely notices your existence....
What are the some best ways of relieving stress caused by everything... these days?
Honestly saying......What good does school even bring for students in preparation for their future?
In some situations......Is it better to tell the truth or tell a lie?
In this world, there are many different kind of leader. It could be the head prefect in school, the captain of the football team or even the president of a country. Even though they are very different types of leaders, all of them have the same qualities, the qualities that makes them...
He might be too shy to tell you, but his words are not the only way you can find out......
After all that you guys have been he really thinking about dumping you?!
Do you have this guy where you really like but he doesn’t want anything official?
Are you getting played? Getting suspicious about your boyfriend? Is there a slut you see flirting with him a lot lately and he’s returning those flirts? Well here are the signs he’s cheating on you.
Not all guys are jerks of course,but some of them just may be......
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