Elaine Rose G Nachon

Elaine Rose G Nachon
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English Language Teacher
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Writing is indeed an exciting activity! Try to write now and you will eventually learn later.
Christmas is fast approaching. As we shop this holiday season at department stores and search out the latest mod fashions, what gifts do you intend to give to your loved ones?
While it is common nowadays that many relationships fail, it is important to ponder on the thought that sincere and honest communication could patch up gaps.
There's joy in meeting people. But there's more in making friends. Especially when a person is gifted with the capacity to inspire you and touch your life in a way you can't simply explain... a way only the heart could tell. This poem was written for and was dedicated to Prof Kim Cho...
I'm not fond of writing poems when I was a student in high school. In fact, I had never written one which was a requirement for Literature or Creative Writing class back then. Yet, leaving a life away from home for months, made me realize that every person is truly gifted with creativ...
Traveling outside my home country all by myself for the first time and living a life away from home was at first a little frightening because I knew very little about South Korea and its people. But, developing culture awareness and sensitivity has paved the way to worthwhile experien...
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