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I have a degree in Criminal Justice, with several years of experience in security work to back it up. Before going into the security field I worked in the medical field as an EMT, and Phlebotomist
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A college paper I wrote drawing correlations between private police and public police, pinpointing why they don't get along and how they *could* get along.
A paper I wrote for a Criminal Justice course I took a few years ago. I dissected the plea bargaining system and pointed out the flaws plus how it could possibly be fixed, and why sometimes it just doesn't work.
A paper I wrote on the societal ramifications and debate of Capital Punishment.
This is a paper I wrote for a criminal justice class a few years ago,where I broke down the various levels of criminal level and how they worked
This is an essay I did for a criminal justice course I was in a few years ago. I chose to address the ever present problem of juvenile justice and the need for rehabilitation not jail time. As such...I have left in the reference page at the end of my paper, so any readers could fur...
Have you ever had an animal come into your life who produced such wonderful memories you *had* to share them with others? This is a sample of a book I have been working on for some years...depicting observations and stories about animals in our lives
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