Su'Elyn Peters

Su'Elyn Peters
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After walking on this earth for over 60 years now, I hope I've learned a few things from which others might benefit. Life is learning and growing!
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Everyone has pain in life. How we face that pain will determine its outcome. Bitterness or hopefulness is the choice of each of us. This article gives some reason to hope in pain.
Although brief, this little story demonstrates and benefits of pets in the life of a child. Caring for them and establishing a relationship with a pet can stay with a child all his life. Sadly, pets will not live as long as the child, but even their death can teach a child about lif...
Many people don't know what Easter really signifies. They have family dinners....perhaps go to church. They buy a new outfit and celebrate the fact that spring is here and the world is waking from it's long, cold sleep. But, this holiday can and should mean much more to us. This i...
This page discusses the importance of voting and becoming knowledgeable about political issues of the day for all, but especially for those who consider themselves Christians.
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