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Patricia Cartwright
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I am a Freelance artist and writer. I am a big dog enthusiast, have done dog rescue work for almost 20 years and write mainly on dogs. I have been a practicing Pagan for about 16 years and write articles on Pagan topics and natural remedies. I live in Canada and am a proud mom of a teenage son and five fur babies.
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Feeding a raw diet does take more work than simply buying a bag of kibble or opening a can of cat food. However, with a little preparation it can be done quickly and efficiently and will not cost more than a high quality cat food.
Whats healthier for your cat, commercial cat food or feeding a raw diet?
Pugs are fun cheerful dog with a big personality.
Most pet owners do not realize how much of an impact their pet has on the environment. It does not take much to minimize the damage they do and is well worth the effort, not only for the environment, but for you and your pet too.
A well exercised dog is a better behaved dog. To get your dog some great exercise he will love, try running him beside your bike.
Bearded Collies are a charming dog breed, full of life and enthusiasm, one who needs a family with a similar disposition.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in North America. By making a few changes in your lifestyle, you can significantly decrease your cancer risk.
Adding garlic into your diet or increasing your garlic intake is an excellent way to maintain good health and fight disease
An aphrodisiac is something that heightens sexual passions and desires. There are many common foods and plants that are said to contain aphrodisiac properties
The Swastika is an ancient symbol of life, luck and well-being, a solar sign that was sacred to many Gods and people.
The black pointed Witch's hat is a typical Halloween decoration. Have you ever wondered where it originally came from?
The "Right Choice" is a true story from my own personal experience of dog ownership. I learned a hard lesson with my first dog, one that still causes my heart pain today.
A poem about Mother Earth and how we are hurting her.
More and more people are making their own dog food or feeding raw instead of buying commercial food. They believe this is healthier and more natural for their dog.
Fear aggression is one of the hardest problems to help a dog through. However, with patience and love it can be done and is well worth the effort.
There are many wonderful and fulfilling religions in this world. It is a shame that so many wars and deaths are caused by them. By taking the time to learn a little about each other’s beliefs, we show respect and understanding. Learning helps us grow and through it, we can learn to ...
Fortuna is an Ancient Roman Goddess of luck and good fortuna. It is said that Fortuna spins her wheel for us all, giving us good luck and bad.
A mythical and knightly aura surrounds this majestic hound of Ireland. With their rough coat, piercing eyes, shaggy brows and athletic bodies, they look as if they just stepped out of an Arthurian legend. Yet beneath their rough appearance beats a heart of gold.
Camping is lots of fun but can also be quite tiring. What could be nicer after a long day of outdoor activity than a delicious full meal that take basically no work at all.
Hellenic Neo-Paganism is the worship of the Ancient Greek Gods.
Brittany Spaniels are lovely dogs. They are extremely good-natured, playful and jovial.They make an excellent addition to an active household.
Siamese cats are beautiful exotic cats that add a lot of charm and love to a household.
Many dogs, especially toy dog, really feel the wet and cold. Although many little dogs owners simply love to dress up their dogs, there is also some necessity to all the adorable fashions.
Who does not like chocolate? It delicious and some of it is even nutritous!
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